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Hope For The Vote

6 Players Online 



There are 30 daily everChoices to make in the game - each one equals one "day". Over time,you will learn the best order to play the daily everChoices everBonuses are extra decisions that pop up throughout the game. Make the right decision and earn extra points! Sometimes things are out of your control! Messages will appear on-screen and alert you to unplanned events. Some are good and some are bad. Day and Left show what day it is and how many "days" you have left. Watch what day of the week it si,it just might matter. The Progress Meter shows where you rank and how much further you have to become Class President. Remember to have fun and work hard - even on the weekends!

Empires Online is a free multiplayer online strategy game that combines fantasy and strategy in battle for territory and resources. Human and wizards coexist in this continent, every player controls a kingdom, striving for power and glory.


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