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All fours


All fours

All fours

  • To discard the entire stock in groups of 4 cards which are consecutive in rank.
    Layout and play
    Tableau(16 cards in 4 rows of 4)
  • place the cards from the waste in order to create groups of 4 cards which are consecutive in rank.
  • Sequences can be made either vertically (columns) or horizontally (rows).
  • Ranking of cards is continuous. For example, valid groups are:
     Ace, K, Q, and J;
     K, Ace, 2 and 3.
  • When the stock is exhausted, cards can be moved from one position to another on the tableau.
  • The game is won if the entire stock is discarded by groups of 4 cards.
  • Turn up one card at a time from the stock to the waste by clicking.
  • There is no redeal.
    Waste (1 pile)
  • The top card is available for play to the tableau.

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