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Dinos And Bubbles is completely addicting arcade game fun.

The nice-looking dinosaurs set out on a magical quest. And that's the quest for fire! The legend says that once they used to spit fire - like dragons, their relatives. But the treacherous evil sorcerer stole their skill away. Now the dinos can do bubbles - and nothing more. As the years passed, the dinosaurs became skillful bubble launchers. Now they are challenging the villain!

The key features of Dinos And Bubbles Game:

  • The game will require your time, skills and the power of your 3D accelerator.
  • In the beginning, there are 4 nice-looking characters to choose from. A pleasant surprise for your kids: there are boys and girls among them.
  • A hundred perfectly designed spectacular levels and lots of useful bonuses are waiting for you. The monsters are not scary at all. They will rather make you smile! In the full version, you can share the pleasure with your friend - it supports the 2-player mode!
  • Bubble Bobble players will find that some features and game mood are common with the classical arcade. Also, it will be easier for them to grasp the controls and strategy of the game.
  • Advantages of the full version: Very fun gameplay, Multiplayer mode, 100 levels, Non violent game for all ages, Using Cheat Codes (Just type it while playing), internet Hall of Fame, We are glad to introduce the new, truly absorbing arcade. Meet Dinos & Bubbles. ---

    " We have kept the genre tradition and found what the family audience was looking for. As the result, a dynamic, vivid and surely beautiful game appeared! "
File Size: 5.1 MB
Price: $19.95
Version: New
OS: Windows 9x, Me, 2000, XP
Requirements: DirectX 8 drivers, 3D accelerator
Sound Card
DirectX 8.0

Free Download
Play the enhanced downloadable version of Dinos And Bubbles. Store on your computer and play the free trial offline any time you want.

Get full version now and you will enjoy:

- Game play without blood and violence for the entire family
- 4 beautiful sound themes
- Rich graphics artwork
- 100 levels
- Post your personal scores to Internet
- No nags! No limitations!
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